Sunday, July 31, 2011

Virginia and the DC Area

On Sunday of our vacation Matt and I said goodbye to my mom and took a train down to DC to spend some time with his family and some friends we have down in that area.

As expensive as the train is, it beats the hell out of driving. I would never volunteer to drive through DC, although we did toy with the idea of renting a car to get down there. I just wouldn't have handled the last part through the city. In the end we decided the train was better. We left early, we were at the train station by 6:45 (if my memory serves), but the nice thing about long train rides is you can make up on sleep. Matt also wasn't sick with a stomach virus this time, which was also a plus.

Some highlights from our time in DC:

Home cooked dinners ala Matt's Mom
Games and dinner at Faccia Luna with Dan, Arhan, and Sarah
Seeing Charlie and playing at the infinitely superior mini-golf courses in the DC area

Matt and I also took in the DC zoo and the Smithsonian American Art Museum/National Portrait Gallery. I haven't been to either of these places before. The zoo apparently has two giant panda bears, but it was hot, and they were hiding, and we didn't see them. Much of the zoo was actually under renovations. This actually didn't bother me, I'd much rather see that a public zoo is being kept up and improved. We can always go back and see what we missed next time.

Young lions, living the good life. They're all chewing on cow femurs!

Kiko going to the Think Tank. They have ropes that go overhead across the zoo so they can get around. So cool

In honor of my lab and our work on body size.

Me and a statue of a sloth bear. Didn't get a shot of the real deal, and this would be cute if not for all the stupid purse and camera straps.

Flamingos! Baby flamingo!!

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