Friday, May 14, 2010


It's Friday afternoon. Tonight, the college of Earth and Mineral Sciences is having a graduation reception in the HUB.

Tomorrow, my mom is coming into town. One of the professors is having a pig roast tomorrow as well. I had made plans to do a cook out tomorrow, but one of the professors is having a pig roast at 3. But, my thing isn't starting until 5:30, so it looks like I can do both!

Sunday, there is the graduate school's reception at 4:30 and then I have to show up for graduation at 6. Then, I get my diploma and snap some pictures. I have no clue what I'm going to do afterward. Fancy drinks downtown? It might be crowded, but then again, I might still be able to get in somewhere. Zola's has a few drinks made with St. Germaine, an elderflower liqueur. So yummy.

Monday, my mom and I leave for VACATION! For a whole week. We're spending a couple days in Williamsburg, and then we're going to Virginia Beach for a few days. Hopefully it'll be nice and warm.

And all weekend I am babysitting two crazy kittehs. Can't wait!

Whoa, my first chapter in graduate school is almost over...

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