Sunday, May 23, 2010

Graduation, One Week After The Fact

I got home late Sunday night after graduation and left early Monday morning for vacation, so there wasn't any time to blog about graduation.

On Saturday I only really had time to do my own cook out, so I skipped out on the pig roast. In the long run, that was the better decision, because I got to relax at home and hang out with my Mom and Matt.

Graduation day itself had some unforeseen surprises. My adviser forgot what time the graduate school reception was being held, and ended up missing it, which was a bummer. The summer graduate school graduation is huge, I'm not sure how many people they graduated, but we were in the Bryce Jordan Center, which is a big basketball arena. Still, the graduation itself only lasted for maybe an hour and a half. It felt like much longer, however I at least got to sit next to a friend during the ceremony. The speaker, who I can't even recall who she was, gave the most God awful, boring talk I have ever heard at a graduation. Totally inappropriate and irrelevant. I was also disappointed that, despite being told to shut up until all the graduates' names were called, a select few people felt their children were more special than everyone else and proceeded to yell and whoop and holler like a bunch of animals. I suppose that with a group that big, you're bound to have that happen, but seriously, you'd think people getting advanced degrees would be more sophisticated than that. Wrong!

The place I wanted to go to after graduation was closed, so I'll have to get my special drink some other time. We ended up at Home Delivery Pizza Pub, and I got a decent cosmo and a lager, in addition to bread sticks and a creme brule flavored with orange liqueur. In the end it was a nice time, we hung out with Dan and the rest of the Hummer clan, who all flew in from Iowa to see Dan get his PhD.

Monday, Mom and I went to Virginia for vacation, but that's another post.

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