Monday, April 12, 2010

Penn State Graduation is Going "Green"

I just got back from the thesis office, and my thesis worries are all over. Everything is in: the document, the fee, and the signatures. I can now turn my head to the next things on my list of to do's, which include: taxes, the last assignment for my writing class, grading, getting the hold off of my bursar account, putting together my colloquium talk, and graduation.

Speaking of graduation, I found out the other day that for the first time ever, Penn State grads will be clad in green ragalia at graduation. By green, of course, I mean environmentally friendly; the color will still be Penn State Blue. Since most graduates throw out their caps and gowns, the University decided to switch to ones that will decompose in a year in a properly managed landfill.

The new gowns are a slightly different color than ones from past years, but are actually closer in color to the official school color. Penn State Blue is trademarked, if you go to Lowes or Home Depot around here and ask for Penn State Blue, it is a very specific shade. Since the new gowns are a different color than the one I had for undergrad, I can't reuse my old gown (bummer), but it's good that it'll be better for the environment in the long run.

Here's a link to the story:

The regalia for the master's degree is the typical mortar board cap, with the tassel worn on the left front edge (undergraduates wear it to the right until the end of graduation where they flip it to the other side), and a gown. In addition, the masters regalia has a hood which is worn over the shoulders. PhD recipients wear it over their arm, and are hooded during the ceremony by their escort (typically the academic adviser).

I've been to Penn State graduations before, and they are very formal events that command dignity. It is NOTHING like my high school graduation, which was a circus (those of you from East Hartford know what I'm talking about, ugh).

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  1. I enjoyed the circus very much when we graduated thank you! But you should put up photos of the Penn State graduation because I have no idea about any of that stuff!