Thursday, April 8, 2010


This could be it, I may be officially DONE as of this weekend (with all things thesis related anyway). I have all of my committee members' signatures, and I'm just waiting on the graduate program chair to come back to her office so I can give it to her for approval. Only one person asked me any questions, and I was a little nervous because he seemed a little, I don't know, bothered that I didn't follow up on his comments. I MADE the changes he wanted, I just didn't have any questions while I was making the corrections. At any rate, he was satisfied after 5 minutes of chatting, and he is super excited that I'll be going to UNM. He's a fan of Jim Brown.

The suspense is killing me, I don't want to get caught up doing something else and miss Kate and have to put this off another day. I've already dragged this on long enough.

Thunderstorms are rolling in, and some cooler weather is supposed to come along with it. Mom is visiting this weekend, we're going to plan a vacation together for later in May. It's also an excuse for her to visit.

As soon as I meet with Kate, I'm heading home to clean house.

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