Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Success Stories!

What I'm doing: Finishing up an abstract and then consulting with the graduate school website as to what exactly I need to do in exchange for a degree. I see a lot of chasing around of committee members for signatures in the very near future.

What's New: Jon passed his candidacy exam and Bea passed her PhD defense!
My room mate is now officially Dr. Adams! And she is like 99.99% done before she can start her new job. It's been a crazy few months, I'll tell you. Living and working with people who are under that much pressure is nuts, although I won't pretend that I was suffering nearly as much as they were.

For those who need a refresher, Bea was documenting the last few months of her PhD in one of the blogs that I follow: The Asymptotic End. I don't know if she'll keep blogging once she is off working and making the big bucks, but seeing as how she has been asymptotically approaching done-ness, it only seems fair that the blog should go on and on.
::cue Titanic music:: 

And so, as one PhD hero goes off into the world, we welcome Jon in as an official candidate.

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