Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One Year Later

Today was much better, I got a good nights sleep and had a fairly productive day.

As of tomorrow, Nov. 11th, it will have been a year since I defended my master's thesis, and also about a year since I decided that a PhD was a good idea. I still think it is, but I thought I'd have a better handle on what I should be doing. I suppose that since I switched academic fields, it's okay that I'm swamped with classwork to get me up to speed. As far as research goes, I have actually been sorting through some new data to try and answer some new research questions Felisa and I have been discussing. The first step so far has been to see if the data we need even exists already.

Tomorrow evening Meghan and I are heading up to Santa Fe to sit in with the research coordinated network (RCN) that Felisa is a part of. Felisa thought it would be a good opportunity for us to see what it is like working in a large research group, which is something I have no experience with. There is a chance that we could get involved if the group is going to start working on something that interests us. The meeting is from Friday morning till noon on Monday. Meghan and I are only staying through Sunday, since we have teaching and classes to get back to.

If nothing else, I'll get to listen to really smart people talk about research, and probably hang out with my adviser and lab mate more than I have had the chance to so far. And, I have a biostatistics assignment due on Tuesday, and Meghan and I can work together on it easily since we're sharing a room at the meeting.

I'm hoping it will be an educational experience, regardless.

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