Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting This Ball Rolling

We're in our second week of classes, and already I feel like this is going to be one seriously busy semester. I'm happy to report that so far it seems like the GIS class I'm taking is going to be useful. The instructor showing us how to setup our webspace (provided by the university), so soon I'll have a website up and running. I'll be putting my GIS projects on it, as well as other things related to school. It'll be easy to share things like my CV and research interests with people if I can direct them to a website.

I've been inundated with reading so far. I just finished printing about 50 pages worth of background information for one of my classes this week. There are also projects and discussions to start preparing for. All the more reason to stay on top of everything and not let myself get bogged down.

My first TA meeting is this afternoon. I read through the labs last night, and about half of it is identical to what I taught last semester. The other half is straight forward enough. Tonight, after doing some reading, I'm going to start putting together some powerpoints for my lessons on Thursday. I want them to be interactive enough, so that people don't fall asleep. 

I'm also excited about the BioBlog, which I will post a link to once it is up and running. The Paleoecology class I'm taking also has a blog associated with it, and I am a contributor to that. There should be public access to see that blog here as well.

Productivity, ahoy!

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