Monday, January 17, 2011

Reading and Funding

I have about a month to try to get some money to start up some research.

Felisa sent out several emails about research funding to our lab group, all of which have February deadlines. That means I need to get cracking on putting a project together. I meant to get started on this over my break, like so many other things that just didn't happen due to sickness or whatever. But now there are no more excuses. I have plenty of ideas, but they need to be fleshed out.

This semester is also going to be all about reading. I spent some time yesterday looking up papers for me to read this week, since my teaching obligations don't start until the second week of school. They are on tooth stable isotope analyses for the most part. I also found several that are written by the visiting professor I am hosting in February. I have a general idea of what she does, but I want to be more familiar with it all by the time she gets here. That seems like an important thing to do.

I got up at a reasonable time this morning. The real test will be this week, seeing if I can get myself to stick to my 7am wake up time and get myself in a normal schedule.

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