Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grown Up Business

As I reflect on the past week or so, I am suddenly very aware that I am now in the midst of adults.

In this week alone I have been to two weddings and my friend from graduate school, who got married not too long ago, is pregnant. There were at least 4 babies in attendance at the wedding I went to yesterday, all belonging to people roughly in my age group. On top of that, I myself am looking at houses to rent when I move across country to Albuquerque.

Now personally, my biological clock isn't ticking, but I feel like time has suddenly started going much faster than it was about two months ago. This is all happening so fast. This week's duties involve packing for a trip in addition to starting to pack up for the big move. My clothes are all more or less packed away in boxes, with the exception of what will be going in a suitcase. My plan is to live out of that suitcase between now and August. This week I will be emptying drawers and packing glasses and dishes. I will also be stocking up on packing materials.

So far, I have two houses I will be looking at when I go for my housing search in July. By the time I actually get there, I hope to have at least 4 more options lined up, including rooms in apartment complexes. One of the houses I'm seeing has a great location just East of campus, and if the place looks good, I might just take that one because of the convenience.

For right now, I need to relax and take things in stride. I know that time isn't actually moving any faster than it was before. The most prudent thing would be to take this new sense of urgency and just apply it to getting things done.

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