Thursday, June 24, 2010

Packin' it up, movin' it out

Moving yesterday and today. Not my apartment, but my office.

Last night Matt and I hauled about 30 liquor boxes into our office, and started throwing all that we could fit into them. Liquor store boxes are awesome for moving: they are sturdy and not so big that they get too heavy to carry (unless you put rocks in them, which is going to happen today).

The Penn State Geosciences department hired a new sedimentologist, and she is getting our office when she gets here. This means that the department is going to clean it for probably the first time since the building was built, put carpet in, and buy all new office furniture. Some time last week I got an email stating that the department didn't know when she was coming, but that evidently she was showing up earlier than they though, and could we possibly move our stuff out by the 28th... sorry for the short notice.

And so, Matt and I are scrambling to get our things out. Luckily, I don't have too much to pack. I got all my files packed and my desk is empty. Matt has many more things, but it will all get packed eventually. Today I need to get the last of my things out: my 12 cup coffee maker, some dishes, rocks, minerals, and some fossils. Also, a whole stack of books and journals. The heavy lifting starts today.

I got the important things out last night, the things that remind me of the last three years in an awesome office with two really good friends.

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