Sunday, August 8, 2010

Internet Cafe and General Disarray

The parental visit over the past week was fun and busy. All the big stuff was moved in, and our families did a few errands and odds and ends around our apartment. Matt and I didn't let them do as much as I think they hoped, and we went out and about more than they expected. This was good, you see, because they needed to see that we were living in a good place, and I think they got that impression. Plus, as Matt pointed out to me, it's hard to unpack with five people bumping around in a small apartment. I will post pictures of the visit in a later entry.

Matt's mother kept remarking how beautiful the city was, which I guess means our new home gets her seal of approval. On Thursday morning we brought the families to the Rio Grande Nature Center too look at local plants and animals. My mom saw more humming birdsin 5 minutes than she has ever seen in her life. During the day on Friday we took the tramway up to the top of the Sandia Mountains, and the view was amazing. Everyone left on Saturday afternoon, and Matt and I are still exhausted two days later. We've been really busy.

The past two days we've just been trying to get our stuff organized and put away. Meanwhile, I have things I need to take care of for school, and we have no internet at home yet. We've been taking some time in the evening to go to a cafe to use free WiFi, which can been pretty hit or miss. Compounding this inconvenience is the fact that I need to schedule classes but there is a conflict and I can't add one of them myself. I guess I'll be on campus this week to resolve this issue. We'll have our own internet by Thursday, hopefully. Thursday is also when I leave for my meeting in Wyoming. I'll be gone till Sunday evening. Monday the 16th, I report for work.

We made some headway in the apartment today and got more things organized. We can actually walk into the kitchen without doing fancy maneuvers around our stuff. However, Allen the guinea pig is still sort of "boxed in" by boxes and junk in the living room.  In general there is a lot we'll likely get rid of, as Matt and I have duplicates of many things. For example, we have at least 4 or 5 pie plates, and I'm not about to open up a bakery any time soon. I supposed Matt could just bake pies all day while I wait for classes to start and we figure out what he'll do for a job. Yum.

I started missing my mom as soon as she headed for security at the airport. She isn't going to visit again this year, so I probably won't see her until Christmas. I think we'll need to get webcams. I also think that once I get everything in my apartment situated and get started with school again I'll be so busy that I'll feel better. I just need some time to adjust to my new surroundings and to get used to being here. The first step will be getting my apartment to feel like home and not chaos.

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  1. Once you get that internet situated, use Skype for the video calls home. My cousin couldn't be home for Christmas once and we set up the monitor in a chair as if he were there. The Max Headroom impressions were never ending.