Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More From Moving

Once I have a reliable internet connection at home, my posts will be more thoughtful and regular, I swear.

Until then, this is my photo summary of the past few weeks!

Before moving away, we said goodbye to friends. That's Big Buck Safari in the background. Jon and I played for a good 20+ minutes. Thanks Jon!

Of course, somewhere in Ohio one of the straps on the trailer towing the car broke. Here we are at the Penske center St. Louis, MO. They fixed us up. Allen was happy to be out of the truck.

The St. Louis arch. I took this from the window of a moving vehicle.

New Mexico! FINALLY! Check out those big puffy clouds, like a painting or something.

Hooray, everything is out of the truck and... in here. Hey, we have Carl's Jr. so we're good.

Out birding at the Rio Grande Nature Center. My mom has never been birding. With a boyfriend like Matt around, it'll happen again.

That's a road runner. Contrary to its name, we didn't see it running, OR on a road. It was up in a tree. I took this picture through Matt's scope.

On our last day of adventuring with the parents, we took this tramway up to the top of the Sandias. It was made in Switzerland.

Matt and me at the top of the mountain!

Mom and me at the top of the mountain with great scenery behind us.

The apartment is almost put together and presentable. We can actually cook in the kitchen and bath in our bathroom at least. I'll put full shots up of the completed apartment once that happens.

Tomorrow I head for Laramie, WY via Denver for a meeting. My flight to Denver leaves at 7:20am. Ugh, but I'll have lunch in Denver, which is a cool place. I'll also get to see some of the Penn State crew from South Dakota for a few days (4 of us in a room at the Hampton Inn)!

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