Monday, August 23, 2010

Marathon Teaching

Ok, so it's been a few days, but I've been busy getting set for today, the big one, my first day of my PhD program!

Mel needs a drink. However, it is late and I have work to do tomorrow, so ice cream and a nice cup of tea will suffice. Matt is out getting the ice cream treat now.

The only way I can describe what I went through today: marathon teaching.

7am- Woke up, made breakfast lunch and dinner. Packed lunch and dinner.
8am- got to the lock shop to pick up my 5 keys so that I can function (While there, ran into Meghan, Felisa's other new student. She had vegan cupcakes.)
9am- Been to the student health fascility and back. Discovered I have to pay $200+ up front if I want dental. There is no vision coverage. Decided to return another time with a check, and also look into vision coverage on my own.
10am- Ate a cupcake, found my office. No one was home, so I'll come back to claim a desk and meet office mates later.
10:30am- Found the grad student computer pod and corresponding key. Checked email, looked up teaching resources.
11am- Lunch with Meghan
11:30- Wandered over to my class to make sure everything was ready to go. It was!
12pm-2:50pm- Taught intro to biology for non-majors!
Ate an apple.
3:30pm-6:20pm- Taught intro to biology for non-majors!
Ate 3 bites of my sandwich and gulped some water.
6:30pm-9:20pm- Taught intro to biology for non-majors and met the janitor, Toby!
9:25pm- Thunder and lightning. I made a dramatic exit into the night.

Matt picked me up, I finished eating my dinner (turkey sandwich), drank some water and a nice cup of tea.
I am now enjoying a warm compress on my shoulders, I'm about to have some grasshopper ice cream, and I'm going to watch some Daria!

All in all, I'd say the Biology department got their monies worth out of me today. I'm wiped. At least I don't have any grading until next week. I'm proud to say that I kept it upbeat and engaging for pretty much all 10 hours I was actually in the classroom. Not too shabby. And I get to do it all over again next Monday, for the next 14 weeks.

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