Saturday, July 10, 2010

Apartment Hunting: The Arrival

The one hour flight to Baltimore followed by the four hour flight to Albuquerque went smooth enough. No hickups what-so-ever. The only thing that got me concerned was when I checked in at the e-Ticket kiosk, I didn't get a boarding pass and had to get it at the gate. I also got confused and thought my flight was at 7:20, when actually it was at 7. No worries though, I got a boarding pass and a seat, no problem. Despite not being able to sit next to Matt, we were near each other enough to talk and share food, so that wasn't a big deal either.

Car rental, also no problems there. By the way: I hate the Chevy Cobalt, it makes a disconcerting ticking noise outside when you turn off the car. Also, I don't know why, but every time I've rented one of these cars, the seat and steering wheel are perfectly aligned so that you can't see the gas gauge OR the speedometer. The price is right however, <$80 for 4 days.

Hotel: no problems there either. Got it on Priceline, and it was already paid for.

Upon picking up the rental car, Matt and I promptly got New Mexican food at El Patio (that is Spanish for "the patio"). I had a sopapilla stuffed with carne adovada (dubbed a carne adovada stuffie). By 2:30, my mouth was happily burning with the flavors of NM green chili sauce and meat marinated in spicy peppers.

Then I took a much needed nap and looked at rental properties.

More adventures to come.

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