Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I have An Apartment, Yay!

The apartment search was successful!

We ended up looking at four places, but the place we ended up picking had most of what we were looking for, and fit best into our budget. My share of the rent will be less than 1/3 of my income, I can keep my guinea pig, and Tim the manager (also the property owner) lives in the complex (as does the maintenance guy). 50% of the residents are graduate students, so hopefully it will be pretty quiet. I'm also on a bus line that takes me to school, and it is free to students.

I'm also pleased because the apartments are clean and Tim is serious about keeping things nice looking and keeping troublesome people out.

I don't have any pictures, but when we move in I'll take some shots once our stuff is situated. Matt and I are committed to making the place cozy and comfortable, like a home. I'm sick of bare walls!

Our next stop is the field, so my next post will be all about South Dakota.

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