Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beer, and All is Well

Today and tonight have been shaping up alright. Becky came over this morning and took 2+ giant bags of food with her, so there is less in that department to deal with. I was shocked last night when I saw how much food was in our house that we weren't going to use: two big sets of plastic 3-drawer storage bins. Absolutely nuts. I guess that's what happens when you are the last person to move out of a place, you get left with everyone's unwanted stuff to deal with, and they get off not having to worry about it. At any rate, all the Asian-type foods have found a good home, but I'm still trying to pass off two bags of brown sugar, some liquor, and oils and vinegars, amongst other things.

I'm STILL trying to sell some furniture. My travels around the country came at a horrible time, because I could have really used that time to try and par down my belongings. But, I'm glad I went out to SoDak, so I can't complain.

Dinner tonight should be good. It's a good restaurant, and we'll have a party of 8. I'm bummed most people couldn't make it, but in reality, any more people than that gets a little ridiculous and it's hard to have conversations. Lunch with Jess today was great, I'll miss her a lot. But, she hopes she can get out to visit which would be awesome. Tomorrow I have another lunch date scheduled with a few people, and it'll be good to see them before I go as well.

I'm about to start the daunting task of clearing out my book cases. I have beer in hand, and some smaller boxes, so I'm ready.

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