Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good News!

I got paid today! Not only that, but I also received my refund from Penn State for the money that was in my bursar account. I suddenly can buy things like food, and pay for things like electricity.

I also met with Felisa today. We have decided that I will be looking at pollen and plant macro fossils from the pack rat middens she has collected. Despite the fact that I'm a vertebrate paleontologist, I'm developing more of an interest in how animals lived and what their ecology was as a whole through time and space. A large part of that is what animals eat, namely, plants and other animals. I'm sure I'll still look at teeth and skeletons, but I'm trying to do as much as possible with as many different things to find out what I'm into.

Graduate school is one of those rare places/times where it is okay to spend lots and lots of time just thinking about things. You can't do that in most other instances.

I'm meeting up with people later to go over our statistics homework assignment. I've got it all done, it's just a question of whether it is right or not. I'm feeling pretty good about what I have, though. I also have to work on designing an experiment to answer hypotheses about the brain and its function. Totally unrelated to what I do, but interesting none the less.

Good day!

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