Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Raining!

I woke up this morning to a surprise: it was sprinkling out as I was walking to the bus! This continued for much of the morning. After lunch it was full blown rain. I got tricked by the weather as I was heading out to get some caffeine with Matt, as soon as I got away from cover it started to pick up, and once I was back in classes it was coming down pretty heavy. You could tell who had to come to class from another building, no one was prepared for this much rain, and some people were soaked. And, I had definitely not brought an umbrella.

This is all very weird for me, because 1) this is the dessert and 2) it isn't monsoon season anymore. The only time I saw it rain this heavy in the past couple months was in the middle of the night, when I was awoken by thunder. This is the first time I've see it rain consistenly all day long. This is about as humid as I've experienced Albuquerque. It was gray and overcast, just like Pennsylvania.

The rain had an unforeseen benefit, the bus was empty on the way home, and I made it back in record time. We didn't even stop at the other bus stop on the route, and my walk from the bus stop to my apartment was quick, I seemed to time the crossing signals perfectly. So, at least I wasn't outside for terribly long.

I received annoying news this evening: my student loan company thinks I missed a payment. 1) They didn't send me a bill for August because 2) I'm supposed to have a deferment for being back in school. Guess who'll be on the phone with American Education Services during breakfast tomorrow morning? Me! Hopefully this will be easy, and they won't claim that I owe them all sorts of money. I'm a grad student, I don't have any money!

So, despite the fact that I had a good day, the rain kind of foreshadowed what was awaiting me when I got home, at least as far as annoying bill issues go. On the bright side, Matt had dinner waiting for me as I was walking through the door. So I'm going to end on that positive note. Broccoli pesto, yum!

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