Friday, September 3, 2010

Year 1 Week 2 Recap

Not all that much happened this week, at least not academics wise. Adviser was away, so no adviser meetings. Which also means I didn't get started on any kind of research.

I'm pretty much caught up with statistics problem sets and readings for other classes. One would hope that by week 2 I haven't fallen behind. I'm trying REALLY hard to stay organized and up to date. That's always been a problem with me: I get my work done, but there's always some kind of backup somewhere along the way. Ah well.

I'm also trying to broaden my intellectual horizons and not become so narrow in my studies. I went to a genetics talk on Wed, which admittedly, I had little idea as to what was going on. This evening I made a special effort to go to the Physic's Department Seminar, there was a talk on energy, carbon sequestration, and sustainability. This talk I managed to follow, there was a lot of overlap with my geology background. I was also seen by a biology faculty member, thus building up my reputation as a multifaceted student. Maybe.

Thursday there was free food for all biology graduate student courtesy of our graduate student association. It's was a pretty sweet affair: tacos, taquitos, and enchilada casserole.

None of my students showed up for my office hours. I'm inclined to believe that since we don't have class next week due to Labor Day, no one has even downloaded the homework. Hopefully there won't be a flood of students next week.

Last night was date night. Matt and I had dinner at home, but went out for dessert and a drink at the Opa! Bar in Nob Hill. Very nice place. Drinks are a bit too expensive, but dessert was awesome. It's a "once in a while" type of place.

As for tonight, Friday night, so far it's pretty quiet. Too bad, I was hoping to do something or go somewhere, even just play games. The night is young, though, so who knows. Matt suggested looking for episodes of True Blood to watch online, so maybe that's what will happen.

I've been trying to organize the blog a bit by adding labels to entries. I've gone back and I have March done, and I hope to get the rest of the entries labeled in the next week or so. The labels will enable you to look at all posts that share that particular topic in common. Several posts will have multiple labels, since I tend to bounce around between topics in each post.

Have a good Labor Day weekend, everyone!

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