Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SVP 2010 Tuesday

It's been a busy few days, hence the lack of a recap for last week and a lack of information about the meeting thusfar.

The past few days have been full of trying to connect with people I haven't seen in a while, and also meeting people I haven't met before at previous meetings. I've also been working on my talk, right up until yesterday evening. I wanted to make some changes to some figures that were confusing before. Hopefully all the work and frustration with my computer were worth it, I personally feel like the figures look better now.

I gave my talk this morning during a session that was really heavy on mammal evolution, patterns in mammal diversity, and extinction. The session was really good in general. It's weird, but I usually find that the sessions I am scheduled to talk in are usually really good, where as other sessions can be kind of lame. That really sounds much more conceited than I mean, and I don't think it's a bias towards only wanting to hear about mammals or the Pleistocene. It's just that I've sat through a few too many cocky dino talks than I care to remember, and it's nice to see talks that have rigorous science in them.

This afternoon I need to take care of some work in my room, and later I'll head down to the poster session. Fred and I are having dinner with Felisa before the SVP auction. Every year they auction off a bunch of random stuff, and some of it is really cool and/or valuable. I can't wait to see what there is this year. Come on Paleontologist Barbie, complete with bag and pink plastic dinosaur!

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