Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Year 1 Week 9 Recap

Yes, it is Tuesday, but it's time for the recap of last week.

Actually, not all that much went on between now and my last post. I had some fun Saturday with the lab mates and Matt. We went to a corn maze in town, which was a lot of fun. It was a maize maze! My first stratiegy was to just go in random directions, but then Matt pulled out the map and we worked our way through it after my plan failed.Then we got a late lunch at the Calico Cafe. Best guacamole ever.

On Sunday, Matt and I headed down to Socorro to see Mouse and Dave. We brought along Settlers of Catan and played that for a bit. Then we headed down to the Bosque del Apache to see if the sandhill cranes were there. I'll do a post soon on just the cranes, but for now I'll just say we saw several hundreds of them hanging out down there, and it was really amazing. Mouse and Dave also showed us around town a bit, which mostly consisted of the NM Technical University. The property their house is on is also really cool. They have a pond in their back yard with coots! We finished up the evening completing our board game and Mouse made some awesome zucchini enchiladas.

Matt and I are heading out to get some breakfast, then I have to run off to class.

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